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We follow the highest quality standards
to make sure you get the protection you need.

You want to know you’re protected. Our protective apparel* goes through rigorous testing and meets strict FDA guidelines.

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*Made in Europe

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AAMI Level 2/3/4 Surgical Gowns

Recommended for medical, surgical, ICU, emergency airborne and contact precautions. Made from multi-ply material with side ties to eliminate the difficulties of tying behind the back.


Main Self: 100% Polypropylene/40 gr/color white
Filter and Bias: 100% Polyester/40gr/color blue
Knitted Cotton Cuff: 100% Cotton/#16/color white


Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
Width (shoulder to shoulder): 26.695 inches
Total Length: 46 inches


60 pcs carton/ kg.
40/50/60 grams fabric material

Attention to detail.

  • Two pairs of knots
  • Fine stitching
  • Wrap your wrist

Choice of over-the-head and tape tab neck styles. Available with elastic wrists or thumb loops.

AAMI Level 2 Non-sterile Gowns

This medium weight, multi-ply, AAMI Level 2 isolation gown is breathable, waterproof, and made of comfortable, strong, and durable SMS material for demanding situations.


Main Self: 100% Polypropylene/26 gr/color blue


Width (shoulder to shoulder): 26.695 inches
Total Length: 46 inches


60 pcs carton/ kg.
26 grams fabric material

Disposable Shoe Covers

Made with SMS fabric, these disposable shoe covers are skid resistant.

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